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Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Support Program provides information, assistance, individual counseling, support groups, training, respite and some medical equipment and/or supplies to individuals who are caring for a loved one 60 years or older.  Caregiver being defined as: someone who assists a non-institutionalized person with activities of daily living, on a regular basis (shopping, transportation, homemaking, bathing, personal cares, etc.).

This program also provides services to grandparents who are 60 years or older, who are the primary caregivers, and live with grandchildren 18 years or younger and/or who are affected by mental retardation or have developmental disabilities. Disability is not required.

Caregivers in the greatest social and economic need are given first priority.

Individuals can call or visit our office and receive free information pertaining to caregiving, including a Caregiver Handbook. All services offered through the Caregiver Support Program are free.

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