Flooding in Tremonton City in 2017 (Photo courtesy of The Standard Examiner).

BRAG Staff Updating Regional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

BRAG staff is currently working on updating the regional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan.  This planning process includes new natural hazards mapping and analysis to identify potential losses for each of the 42 jurisdictions in Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties.  Cities, towns, and counties will also be creating mitigation strategies to reduce risk to life and property for their citizens, as well as infrastructure damage or loss during a natural hazard event.  This update is being done to fulfill requirements for the Hazard Mitigation Act of 2000.  Each local government that adopts a FEMA-approved plan will be eligible to apply for certain pre and post-disaster natural hazard mitigation grants.

Communities are encouraged to participate in this important planning process.  If you are interested in being involved, please contact Zac Covington at 435.713.1423 or zacc@brag.utah.gov.

FEMA Approved 2015 Bear River Regional PDM Plan – Downloads


Presentations from regional and county-level working group meetings:
*Since presentations for each county were similar, only certain meeting presentations are provided below.  If you would like county-specific presentations, contact Zac Covington at zacc@brag.utah.gov

BRAG Kick-off Meeting PPT 12-4-18

Box Elder County Risk Assessment Meeting PPT 3-21-19_BRAG

Box Elder County RA Meeting 3-21-19_PPT Steve Bowman UGS

Box Elder County RA Meeting 3-21-19_PPT Richard Giraud UGS

Rich_Mitigation_Strategies Meeting_Pres_1-7-20

Utah DEM BRAG – Mitigation Strategies Mtg Presentation 

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