Records Management and Retention Policy


BRAG is committed to proper maintenance and retention of records. The Public Records Management Act (PRMA), mandates state ownership of government records and requires their effective management (Utah Code 63A-12).

Falsifying records, deliberately concealing records, destroying records in bad faith, exploiting confidential information, or otherwise mishandling records is not acceptable. Employees must take steps to ensure potentially relevant information is not inadvertently destroyed pursuant to document retention schedules or by routine computer operations.

As a regional government entity, BRAG will adhere to the Utah State General Records Retention Schedule. It can be found on the Utah Division of Archives and Records Services website.

BRAG will, at a minimum:

  • create and maintain records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions, designed to furnish information to any agency or person affected by the activities of BRAG;
  • identify and take adequate steps to protect confidential and vital records;
  • cooperate with the Utah Division of Archives and Records Services and all other State Agencies in the conduct of agency records management requirements and requests.