Free Tax Preparation

The Bear River Association of Governments will be providing assistance to households who need to have their taxes prepared through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA). If you earned less than $57,000 in 2020 you may be eligible for help to submit your taxes.

To keep our volunteers and clients safe during the pandemic we will be preparing taxes remotely. This means after we get your documents will prepare them, contact you with any questions and to review the return, and submit them to the IRS on your behalf.  You have several different options to get help.

OPTION 1: Submit your forms to us directly.

If you can scan or snap pictures of your documents you can submit them to us directly. Use the following steps to complete the process.

A. Complete IRS intake form found at

B. Scan or take pictures of your completed intake form, identifying documents, and any w-2’s and other tax forms.

C. Submit your request based on which county you reside in.

If you live in : Cache and Rich Counties submit taxes here

If you live in : Box Elder County Submit taxes here

Option 2: Schedule a scanning appointment.   

If you can’t scan your documents or prefer to talk to somebody you can schedule a brief appointment where VITA staff will scan in your documents and send them to a tax preparer. The preparer will complete the return and we will contact you to discuss the results, answer any questions, and print off your return for you to pick up. The VITA program will still submit your returns to the IRS on your behalf after you have had a chance to review the program and you are satisfied the return is correctly prepared.

You have three options to schedule an appointment to scan your documents.

Option A: The first is to schedule the appointment through our calendar. Visit the VITA Facebook page at and click on the Calendar for scheduling appointments. Choose a day and time, click that time slot and type in your name and phone number and click save. It’s that easy! Feel free to have a friend or a family member help you with this as needed.

Option B: You can also call BRAG at 435-713-1449 to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that we have limited staff, so if you don’t reach someone, please leave a single message with your name and phone number indicating you would like to schedule an appointment to scan you tax documents. A VITA volunteer or BRAG staff will call you back to help schedule the appointment.  

Option C: You can email us to schedule an appointment.

For Cache and Rich Counties email us at .

For Box Elder County email us at 


Option 3:Prepare Your Own Taxes

Want to prepare your own taxes? You can prepare your own taxes for free through Choose the DIY option at the bottom of the screen and get started! The program uses H&R Block software to help you get the best results.  

If you have any other questions please let us know how we can help. You can send us an email at or, leave us a message on facebook, or call us at435-713-1449. Lets make this tax season the best it can be!