is an extension of city and county governments in Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties. BRAG provides a wide array of services for low-income households, seniors, and persons with disabilities, and provides community and economic development technical assistance to local governments.

How Can We Help You?

Aging Services

Provides a wide range of in-home and supportive services to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Community Planning Assistance

Technical community planning assistance for local cities, towns, and counties as well as regional planning services including pre-disaster mitigation, natural resource planning, trails/parks planning, and others.

Emergency Home Repair Program

Provides a grant up to $4,500 per household (low-income) for minor home repairs that, if neglected, pose a potential health and safety threat.

First-Time Home buyers Program

Assists with up to $3,000 in down payment or closing costs.

HEAT Assistance

Provides funds to low-income households, persons with disabilities, and seniors to help pay part of winter heating costs.

NON-EMERGENCY Rental Assistance

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) Provides on-going monthly rental assistance to low-income households. 

Transportation Vouchers Lifeline Vouchers

Seniors, persons with disabilities, or low-income residents living in rural areas are reimbursed travel costs for doctors appointments or other health care-related trips. Transportation vouchers for seniors, persons with disabilities, and low income households to access qualified quality of life services when public transit is not available.

VITA Income Tax Preparation

Prepares income tax returns for low-income households.


For low-income households. Inspects and modifies homes to make them more energy efficient, and provides emergency repairs on furnaces, A/C units, and water heaters.

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